Further Reading on Sports Injuries in Kids

Pediatric orthopedic care demands a special constellation of skills. Kids are still growing, and their bodies are changing rapidly, so planning for the body’s natural development is paramount.

Understanding what kind of injury your child has – chronic or acute, serious or minor – requires an expert assessment of your kids’ symptoms and presentation. This page offers a good overview of the various questions involved, along with a rubric you can use to evaluate the intensity of your child’s impairment.

Although the article includes a lot of good advice, this last bit is especially well-advised:

Take Every Injury Seriously
It is important to remember that even if an orthopedic injury does not look serious, underlying structures may be severely compromised. An in-depth assessment and appropriate treatment are important to ensure you don’t worsen the injury. . .. Reviewing the causes, signs and symptoms, and treatments is important to providing quality care.

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