Is More Motion Better for Shoulder Injuries?

Orthopedic surgeons have long debated how much is too much when it comes to pitching in baseball. Although some voices have called for limiting pitches for younger players, some specialists insist that proper form and care can prevent injuries at any age.

Now new data has come to light in support of the “proper form” argument: researchers found that increased rotation in the shoulder during a pitching motion can actually help to prevent injury:

“What we found was … [that] external rotation was actually protective to the shoulder and we were surprised that we did not find association with the loss of internal rotation or the loss of cross-body motion,” Wilk said.

Tightening up and aiming for a more compact form may actually be stressing the ligaments of the shoulder, creating greater tension that leads to an increase in injuries.

Research such as this is unlikely to stop the debate, of course, but it’s an interesting that may open the door toward greater insight into form and technique among baseball players of every age nationwide.

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