When Your Elbow Swells Up

Waves were made last month when NBA MVP Stephan Curry banged his elbow and was forced to finish out a game with a sizable goose egg on the joint – an injury some compared to a tennis ball. Miraculously, he recovered almost immediately and went on to win that series. Curry has continued to play at or near his gargantuan potential ever since.

In fact, this recovery wasn’t so miraculous – it was the common response to an injury known as olecranon bursitis:

Olecranon bursitis – which is common although the exact incidence is unknown – happens when the bursa, which is a slippery sac over the elbow which allows the skin to slide easily across the bone when it is flexed, becomes damaged. This causes it to secrete a much greater than normal volume of fluid into the closed cavity of the bursa which makes it inflate like a balloon.

Olecranon bursitis looks bad, but it’s not terribly serious. Given some time to rest and heal, the fluid drains of its own accord and most people can return to their regularly scheduled activities without any lasting injury. Although infections may arise or the condition may become chronic, the vast majority of these cases are transitory at best.

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