Wrist Arthroscopy: An Overview

One of my jobs as an orthopedic surgeon is to scour the world’s medical literature looking for good resources for my patients. Because I field so many questions about the details of shoulder surgery, elbow surgery, and knee surgery, I am constantly on the lookout for lay articles about these common procedures.

This site fits the bill. Dedicated exclusively to the mechanics of arthroscopic wrist surgery, the page offers a detailed look at the various instruments and procedures we use for the procedure. It starts with this overview of the scope itself:

The surgeon makes small incisions (called portals) through the skin in specific locations around a joint. . . .These incisions are less than half an inch long. The arthroscope, which is approximately the size of a pencil, is inserted through these incisions. The arthroscope contains a small lens, a miniature camera, and a lighting system.

The piece goes on to describe the difference between diagnostic surgery and corrective surgery, and discusses the various ailments that can benefit from the process including ligament tears, cysts, and carpal tunnel.

These are the tools I use every day as an orthopedic surgeon in San Diego. If you read the page and still have questions, please contact the wrist surgery experts at AOSM today.

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