8 Ways to Prevent Summer Sports Injuries

Summer is a great time for children. After being dormant for most of winter, most of them are raring to come out and play in order to make the most out of the warm weather.

Unfortunately, some of these summer sports activities could inevitably lead to injuries, if the child and the parents are not being careful. Children are more at risk for sports injuries because they are less coordinated and have a slower reflex than adults.

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Don’t let it be your child. To reduce your child’s risk of getting injured, make sure they do the following:

Be prepared. An improper technique and poor form can take its toll on the body. Before giving them your permission, make sure they know how to play the sport and understand the rules of the game.

Warm up and cool down. Remind them to warm up before practice sessions and actual games, and to cool down after they have finished playing.

Stay hydrated. Don’t wait until your child gets thirsty before asking them to drink. Make sure the kid stays replenished by having them drink water before, during, and after an activity to prevent heat-related injuries.

Wear protective gear. Always check if your child wears protective gear all throughout the game.

Have qualified adult supervision. You won’t be able to watch every game, but having a qualified coach around who knows how to respond to emergencies can be a huge relief.

Have fun, but know your limits. If your kid is trying out a new sport, advise them to be patient and learn to work their way through it.

Take time off. Make sure the kid is taking a day (or two) off every week. Taking regular breaks prevents overuse injuries and allows the body to recover and heal naturally.

Consult with a professional. If your child suffers from a knee, ankle, or shoulder injury, consult with a San Diego pediatric orthopedic doctor for treatment options.

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