Elbow, Hand & Wrist Pain

The elbow is an essential component of everything from eating to lifting, so when pain strikes this region, it can completely upend your daily life.

What we think of as the elbow is in fact a system of muscles, tendons and bones whose function can be affected by any change in the surrounding tissues. This change can manifest in many ways, but the most common is pain.

My orthopedic surgery practice in San Diego has long been at the forefront of medical and surgical care for elbow, hand and wrist pain. Whether patients present with epicondylitis or arthritis, we offer a broad selection of nonsurgical therapies and prescription choices to help them manage and alleviate elbow pain of every kind.

Once nonsurgical options are exhausted, it’s time to consider surgery to reduce the chronic pain. Elbow, hand and wrist surgery is often the surest ways to repair torn ligaments and stabilize these joints over the long term.

My orthopedic surgery offices here in San Diego offer the vanguard in surgical care for knees, shoulders, elbows, hands and wrists. To learn more about how you can address the pain better, start here.


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