Pediatric Orthopedic Treatment

Treating musculoskeletal issues in children is a discipline that requires advanced training, study, and expertise. Because kids are still growing, the issues that arise in younger patients often demand a careful consideration of the developmental path ahead.

I have long been specialized the treatment of injuries, maladies and chronic conditions in younger patients. As a sports medicine expert, I take particular care to give my younger patients access to the very best new technologies and rehabilitative measures.

My pediatric orthopedic practice includes advanced treatment for:

• Broken bones and bone injuries
• Muscle strains and tears
• Limb and spinal issues
• Posture and gait symptoms
• Traumatic injury
• ACL and MCL reconstruction

Pediatric orthopedic care means more than just medical and surgical intervention. It also requires a bedside manner that is tuned to accommodate the particular needs of young people and their families. My approach is warm and communicative, designed to help kids and their parents navigate the world of medical care without any undue anxiety.

To learn more about how your child can take advantage of the best pediatric orthopedic care in San Diego, please contact my practice here today.


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