Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is typically indicated when a knee injury or disease has exceeded our ability to manage it with medicine and exercise alone.

As an orthopedic surgeon in San Diego, I have spent many years helping to treat athletes, veterans and young people whose knee injuries have robbed them of their mobility. I favor minimally invasive surgical techniques that place a premium on whole-patient care, and on gentle, effective recovery.

My practice offers lasting relief for a variety of knee symptoms, including:

• ACL tear
• PCL tear
• MCL tear
• Meniscus tear
• Patellofemoral syndrome
• Patellofemoral dislocation
• Meniscus tear
• Knee osteoarthritis
• Patellar and quadriceps tendinitis
• Pes bursitis

If you have grown weary of living with limited motion and radiating pain, it’s time to speak with an expert orthopedic surgeon. Contact my San Diego knee surgery practice to set up an appointment today.


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