A Good Primer on Biceps Tendon Pain

The humble biceps tendon is generally only discussed when something goes wrong. Although this tendon is an essential anchor in the musculature of the arm, it can experience strain and injury when biceps and shoulders are pushed past their comfortable range of motion.

This article explains exactly what is happening when biceps tendon injuries occur, and what’s coming up as medical professionals develop better ways to treat these injuries without the use of anti-inflammatories or steroids:

These advances are on the way. They include the integration of new matrices, such as collagen sheets, pre-loaded with the patient’s stem cells and growth factors and surgically wrapped around the injured tendons or injected into their sheaths. Another novel approach is to provide a self-assembling, injectable collagen material, which is then melded with UV light stimulation. A third approach will use a resorbable artificial material that will stimulate tendon regeneration.

Until we can accelerate the body’s natural healing processes through such minimally invasive techniques, rest and therapy remain the most effective stand-by’s for biceps and arm pain. And if those measures don’t work, it may be time to speak with a San Diego orthopedic surgeon about a more permanent repair.

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