Better Imaging for Pediatric Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is a common complaints among young athletes , especially those who get involved in rigorous sports. Although many of these complaints arise from chronic overuse, some elbow pain originate with an injury on the field, the court, or in the gym.

In my field of orthopedic surgery, imaging remains the key to successful intervention. Properly visualizing and diagnosing elbow pain is essential element of orthopedic care, and the only way to ensure your surgeon can work effectively to relieve the pain.

This recent article looked at the rapidly evolving landscape for imaging and understanding elbow pain, covering everything from radiography to sonography, CT and MRI. Issues under review include tennis elbow, pitcher’s elbow, golf elbow and cubital tunnel.

The conclusion comes with a solid guide:

Imaging plays an important role in the evaluation of athletes with elbow soft tissue and/or osseous trauma. Tendinosis and tendon tears of the common extensor tendon origin occurring in tennis players are far more common than injuries involving the common flexor-pronator tendon origin of golfers and pitchers. Concomitant lateral and medial collateral ligament injuries should be sought with MR imaging or sonography in patients with recalcitrant elbow pain in order to address underlying sources of instability.

If you’ve been having chronic elbow pain in San Diego and want to speak with an expert orthopedic surgeon today, please contact my offices for a full diagnostic visit.

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