Can a Synthetic Meniscus Help Me?

One of the wonderful things about working as a sports medicine specialist is the sheer speed of progress in our field. As surgical procedures for knee pain have grown steadily less invasive and more effective, more patients have benefited from these advances.

But when developments such as this one come along, they inevitably upend the order once again.

Chronic knee pain is a common issue in adults as well as young athletes. In many cases the pain can be traced to wear and tear on the meniscus, a disc-like structure which cushions the bones within your knee. Replacing this cushion has always been a fraught procedure, with wildly varying results. But now a new technology aims to address some of the more common complications by using a synthetic material. It is…

…a new meniscus implant made of a special medical grade plastic. Studies in Europe have been promising. “We put this implant in which is relatively stable and the patient gets up and puts full weight on it right away,” says Dr. McKeon. “And if it doesn’t work, I don’t burn bridges. I can take it out,” he adds.

Innovations such as this are the lifeblood of American orthopedic and sports medicine, and they are welcome additions to any San Diego orthopedist’s arsenal. To learn more and schedule your own consultation for knee pain, contact my offices today.

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