Diagnosing Elbow Pain and Shoulder Pain in San Diego

One of my jobs as an expert in orthopedic surgery is to work with athletes to understand the source of their pain. Pain is a natural byproduct of playing hard, of course, and most people expect a little soreness after a particularly rigorous day on the field, court or pitch.

But how can you tell when typical soreness has graduated to something that may require a medical or surgical intervention?

This article address this fundamental question, exploring the sources of each pain type to help patients better assess when they may have a significant problem on their hands. Money quote:

Pain that does not go away with rest is not normal. Pain that begins to affect your function outside of sports, such as walking or sleeping, is not normal. Pain that is constant or increasing over time and does not go away is not normal. Pain that does not improve with treatment may be something to be concerned about. Pain that requires increasing amounts of pain medication over time is not normal, and you should consider seeing a physician. Pain that begins to wake you from your sleep is also a concern, especially if it increases over time.

The good news is that every pain has a cause, and every cause can be addressed through a combination of medical care and surgical intervention. My San Diego orthopedic surgery practice offers excellent care for elbow pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain, as well as holistic care for your entire active lifestyle.

To learn more or set up an appointment, reach out to the pain experts today.

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