Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

We use our shoulders for nearly everything, from writing and eating to standing and even speaking. When impingement syndrome strikes, it touches everything, leaving most people struggling to complete the most quotidian of tasks.

Although you can achieve fast pain relief with the help of an orthopedic specialist, not every case requires shoulder surgery. Exercises and rest are both time-tested approaches in the treatment of frozen shoulder, including this simple at-home measure:

Exercise: Lean over holding onto a chair or table, let your arm hang down. Swing your arm gently in circles using momentum and gravity. Go both ways for one minute each, five times per day.

And what should you do if exercise isn’t stemming the tide of anguish any longer?

It’s important to keep the joint mobile, but some patients need a corticosteroid injection to reduce inflammation or, as a last resort, surgery to release the pinched tendon.

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