Free Yourself From Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is one of those ailments that looks small but looms big. Our wrists are an integral part of modern living, especially for anyone who types, lifts, or creates for a living. Which is basically everyone.

Wrist pain can be caused by inflammation or injury, and it can wax or wane over time depending on the severity of the issue. Some wrist pain is caused by poor workplace ergonomics, and may be solvable by a change in posture or habit. Other kinds of wrist pain may require physical therapy, steroid injections, or even surgery to repair those tendons and joints which have grown worn with overuse.

One of the simplest first-line defenses against wrist pain is to stretch often and take frequent breaks. Stretching begins with extended arms and looping hands, but many physical therapists recommend some more advanced exercises as well. This one is the most difficult, but one of the most rewarding with practice:

Lace your fingers together, extend your arms out in front of you and then bring them up and over your head. Your palms should be facing away from you. Hold for ten seconds.

And when exercises no longer do the trick, it’s time to visit your San Diego orthopedist. My offices include diagnostic equipment and onsite technologies to give you lasting relief on an outpatient basis. Contact us today to learn more about the best help for wrist pain.

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