Further Useful Information on Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow isn’t just for tennis players, or even athletes for that matter. It’s not just for day laborers or bodybuilders either.

Tennis elbow can strike anyone, and can turn quotidian tasks into formidable challenges. Many people who suffer from lateral epicondylitis (medical name) find themselves struggling with very basic things that the rest of us take for granted:

It often gets worse when people lift or bend their arm, grip small objects, such as a pen or when twisting the forearm – such as turning a door handle.

It’s true: you can become trapped in a room with a heavy door if your tennis elbow prohibits a strong pulling motion.

The key to avoiding any repetitive stress injury such as this one is to stem the activity that’s causing it – or mix it up. If you’re lifting things all day, switch hands, or adjust your posture. If you’re playing sports, try a different way, or take more frequent breaks to stretch and adjust while you practice.

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