Good Ways to Combat Neck Pain for Women

Neck pain is common across the board for most ages, but it’s especially common among grown women. The reasons for this are varied, but they may include some habits particular to American women, many of which are preventable.

A recent article on the website Bustle outlined these causes in some detail, making a fairly compelling case that these avoidable sources of discomfort can be relieved in a matter of days. Among the culprits mentioned are overloaded handbags, excessively tight bra straps, and the following, which I had not considered until today: women tend to cross their legs more than men, leading to long, asymmetric sitting:

If you sit with crossed legs, or with one foot wedged under your butt, you’re likely throwing off your back’s alignment. Both habits tilt the pelvis, Dr. Andrew Schafer tells me, which over-stretches one side of the spine and over-compresses the other. “When this happens, pain under one the shoulder blades will be the tell-tale sign,” he adds. Catch yourself next time, and make it a point to keep both feet on the floor.

It’s a good list and a sound reminder that the pain we experience often arises out of the habits we develop. Address one and you address the other, enhancing your comfort and getting some much-needed relief from your daily aches.

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