How Does Rotator Cuff Surgery Work?

Your rotator cuff is a collection of four muscles that work in tandem to provide your shoulder its full range of motion. When one or more of these muscles suffers an injury, it can destabilize the entire system, leading to further injury – and, eventually, pain and restricted motion.

Rotator cuff surgery is designed to repair these muscles by resolving any torn connections between muscle and bone:

For a full rotator cuff tear, surgery is likely the only option to return your shoulder to normal function. An orthopedic surgeon will essentially re-attach your rotator cuff to the bone (humeral head) using an arthroscopic procedure that places three small holes in your arm.

This procedure has been around for quite some time, and offers a strong prognosis for full recovery provided that the patient has enough time to rest and heal. Physical therapy is paramount when it comes to rehabilitation from rotator cuff surgery, a process which can take several months. The good news is that many patients and athletes return to an active lifestyle once recovery is complete.

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