How to Choose the Right Sports for Your Child

Summer is the perfect time for you to encourage your child to go outside, soak in the sunshine, and try out new things, like organized sports. Doing so will not only make them physically active, but will also teach them how to work with their peers and figures of authority.

Participating in sports over the summer will also teach them the values of competition and cooperation, as well as improve their confidence and body image.

If you’re still at a loss as to what type of sports to engage your child in, check out the following tips and suggestions:

Start the child with easier activities.

Start the child with activities that aren’t hard to master, such as playing catch or kicking ball. Once the child gets better at it and grows older, you can introduce the idea of team sports or competitive sports.

Involve the child in the decision process.

Expose the child to a variety of sports and watch out for signs of enthusiasm to determine which particular activity he or she likes the most. Or, you can simply ask what type of sports your kid wants to play. If children are part of the decision process, they are more likely to be engaged with the activity.

Consider the child’s physical traits and personality.  

Consider the strengths, weaknesses, and personality of your child. Some body types are more suited to a certain type of sports than others. Is the child stocky enough to play football, or tall enough to play basketball? Is the kid more inclined towards team sports, or individual sports?

Prevent Injury by Choosing the Right Sports

Unfortunately, summer is also the time when injuries among young athletes are high. If your child has a chronic health condition or a disability, you may want to consult with a San Diego pediatric orthopedic first for a pre-sports checkup and ask what activity would be best suited for your child.

Finding the right sports activity from the get go may be next to impossible, and it can take a series of trial and error before your kid gets it right. Still, the process of finding the right sports to play for the summer is important in order to prevent sports injury. And even if a sport is not a good fit, it can still be a great learning experience for your child.

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