How to Treat Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow: it’s not just for tennis anymore. Most people who have seen the inside of an orthopedic office know that this common malady is misnamed, but a surprising number of athletes and laborers do not.

The simple truth about tennis elbow is that it is most often caused by dragging, lifting, or playing sports (other than tennis) with hard-to-control equipment. Typically the elbow pain is the same no matter what its source: a sharply aching joint that doesn’t get much better with rest.

Tennis elbow shares a similar issue – pain – with other elbow symptoms, but can be distinguished by its placement. Typically tennis elbow involves pain on the outside of the elbow, sometimes extended to the back of the hand. This is different from similar elbow diagnoses:

[T]here are some symptoms that are often mistaken for tennis elbow, such as pain in the inside of the elbow joint, also known as Golfer’s Elbow. Another condition is pain at the back of the elbow, called Bursitis, which is caused by a cyst.

To find out for sure how to treat your tennis elbow, contact a San Diego orthopedist or schedule an appointment here.

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