Knee Surgery Continues to Advance

The field of orthopedic knee surgery covers everything from minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to total knee replacements. Although the majority of procedures we see at my San Diego orthopedic practice fall into the less invasive category, some edge cases will always require more involved interventions.

That’s why we are always monitoring the latest techniques and advances in knee surgery. Although the most common procedures are by now well known and considered safe, innovations continue to develop to cut down on recovery and rehabilitation. Case in point: a new artificial knee that has some patients back to work the very same day.

Of course there are always caveats, and not every candidate will respond in precisely the same way:

Professor Wilkinson adds that the success of a knee replacement also depends on many other factors, including age, weight, how active a person is and their attitude to post- rehabilitation therapy.

We are experienced in total knee replacement procedures, and proud to help many athletes, adults and children regain mobility after a serious injury. If you’re suffering with knee pain and want to learn about the vanguard in orthopedic knee surgery, contact my San Diego practice here today.

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