Let’s Slash Pediatric Sports Injuries

The numbers are in, and they are suitably grim: three-and-a-half millions kids ages 1-13 are treated for sports injuries every year. Many of these are minor scrapes and bruises, but many are not: far too many kids continue to sustain life-altering injuries to their ligaments, muscles, and brains.

As these numbers permeate the national consciousness, more people have begun stepping up to demand a standardized set of safety protocols that would apply across all the major youth sports. A task force has already begun drafting these very guidelines, and recently published some of the goals they are setting for the project:

The guidelines cover creating emergency action plans for sudden cardiac arrest, catastrophic brain and neck injuries, exertional heat stroke, potentially life threatening medical conditions, environmental issues such as lightning and access to medical services.

Ultimately the guidelines should also cover some of the injuries that I treat every day as a pediatric orthopedist in San Diego: sprains, strains, tears and breaks. Although there are some safety protocols built into various leagues, a definitive set of guidelines that cover broad issues such as sports specialization and mandated rest should be baked into the charter of every kids’ league nationwide.

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