On the Limits of Elbow Pain Management

The New York Times recently published an affecting piece about how difficult it can be to find the right combination of pharmaceutical and behavioral measures to keep elbow pain at bay. The author hurt herself painting some bookshelves years ago, and has experienced the searing ache of tennis elbow in varying degrees ever since.

Like many people, she has also experienced little success with most of the popular treatments of the day:

Unfortunately, none of this knowledge has translated into new treatments. We have the usual handful of alternatives, often just so many cornflakes to the opioid-experienced. Nonpharmaceutical approaches to pain treatment (Exercise! Stretch! Be mindful!) generally just don’t fly. . . .

Opioids work well for some people, but for others they can be a gateway to destructive dependency. Because tennis elbow can remain chronic for decades at a time, surgical intervention is considered the only lasting treatment.

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