One Case Study for Treating Knee Pain

As an orthopedic expert, I am constantly reviewing the medical literature on how patients are able to escape chronically painful conditions of the shoulder, knee, and elbow.

Recently I came across one study that underscores some of the ways that orthopedic devices can supplement and even replace exercise, which is a boon to patients who don’t have the space or time to engage in vigorous physical therapy. The patient in question had knee pain and issues with the sacroiliac joint:

A computerized analysis showing how Jane walked provided the information we needed to appropriately calibrate therapeutic pods on the bottom of a special shoe to improve Jane’s joint loading pattern on the knee – redistributing pressure the knee takes from walking and retraining her neuromuscular function. After a few weeks on the therapy regimen, Jane’s pain improved, her body is appropriately compensating for the orthopedic issues associated with her osteoarthritis and she is able to jog again, as well as enjoy her service to her patients.

My offices proudly offer the vanguard in orthopedic treatments for knee pain, including access to the best medical devices in the marketplace. If you have pain in your knee that isn’t responding to rest or drugs, please contact orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Holland today.

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