Relieve Elbow Pain Here in San Diego

Muscle and tendon pain in the elbow is typically given one of two names: tennis elbow for the outside of the joint, and golfer’s elbow for the inside. Both injuries are related: when repetitive movements stress the tendons anywhere past their limit, the resulting pain can be persistent and difficult to treat.

This article takes a look at an escalating series of options for resolving elbow pain, from rest and anti-inflammatories to steroids and surgery. Of that last option, the author notes that although it is generally a last resort, it also may be necessary:

“The last resort is surgery, an arthroscopic tendon release,” Suppiah says. “But it might be necessary if you suffer from repeated issues with the tendons — tendinosis — and nothing else works.”

The first step in resolving your elbow pain is to visit an orthopedic surgeon in San Diego. When you speak with the professionals in my office, you can expect the gold standard in diagnosis and care. If elbow surgery is required, I can speak with you about the best options right away.

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