San Diego: Prevent Tennis Elbow Today

When the outside portion of your elbow joint becomes chronically damaged or inflamed, the resulting condition is known as epicondylitis, or tennis elbow.

Up to one-quarter or more of the athletes who engage in various vigorous sports including baseball, basketball, and, yes, tennis, are likely to contract tennis elbow during their lifetimes. The condition is characterized by a burning soreness and weakness that travels from the elbow to the hand, as well as pain during any of the active “straightening” motions you conduct on a daily basis.

Although many cases of tennis elbow can be treated with medications such as NSAIDs and corticosteroids, there are some cases where an orthopedic elbow surgeon has to go in to repair areas of damage that aren’t going to properly heal on their own, a procedure that involves repositioning the tendon for ease of motion.

Now the good news: Tennis elbow is treatable, even curable, and it doesn’t take long. Visit the San Diego orthopedic surgery center at AOSM for more information on how to treat and prevent tennis elbow and related injuries anywhere in Southern California.

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