Shoulder Surgery and Olympic Dreams

Few American Olympic athletes are more decorated or better known than Kerri Walsh Jennings, one half of a beach volleyball duo that has consistently bested the world’s stars over many years.

Although Ms. Walsh Jennings is a superlative athlete, constant impacts with hard sand and the slow stress of daily conditioning have left their mark: she has undergone shoulder surgery several times to repair cartilage and tendons strained from overuse.

Now the Los Angeles Times has announced that she is set for one more procedure:

The three-time Olympic gold medalist will have surgery Thursday to repair a torn labrum and torn capsule in her right shoulder, she told the Los Angeles Times.

Walsh Jennings will miss the remainder of beach volleyball tour events domestically and abroad in 2015, and is aiming to make it back to competition in mid-March.

Volleyball is a sport where strain falls upon the shoulder almost exclusively; beach volleyball is especially notorious for its hard landings. It is a testament to the effectiveness of modern shoulder surgery that Walsh Jennings continues to compete on the world’s biggest stage, and that she plans to return to that stage once again in the spring.

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