Shoulder Surgery and the Elite Prognosis

This fall has brought news of local legend Kobe Bryant’s now-certain return to professional basketball. Those of you following closely may be aware that Kobe has been slumping for some time now, and that whispers of retirement have grown louder in recent years. Add to this a mounting series of sports injuries both major and minor, and there was legitimate reason to question whether he would ever play again.

We can put those to bed. Kobe is back and planning to play all season. One interesting wrinkle for me as an orthopedic surgeon: Kobe has made a fast and, by all accounts, complete recovery following shoulder surgery earlier this year:

Kobe Bryant missed most of last season after undergoing surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff. This surgery forced Bryant to refrain from any basketball activities for nine months.

Progressing right on schedule, the Los Angeles Lakers star recently returned to the court to work on his shooting for the first time since his shoulder surgery.

It’s always encouraging to see the fruits of orthopedic surgery writ large in one of the major sports stories of our time, and especially gratifying to watch elite athletes show the world that steady dedication and rehabilitation can restore full motion and comfort to an injured rotator cuff within a few short months.

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