Smart Tips for Elbow Pain

As an orthopedic specialist and sports medicine expert, many of the people I see in my practice are already in pain, injured, or suffering from diminished movement. In other words: it’s too late to prevent the problem.

Yet prevention is always preferable to treatment for bone and joint pain, which is why, from time to time, I like to pass along resources such as this one.

The page includes a few handy tips to prevent pain altogether. Although it is targeted at active individuals who like to work out, the biomechanical principles are widely applicable. You can use these tips no matter how often you hit the gym.

Along with some good advice about avoiding the bench press is this:

Tightened up wrists, elbows and shoulders can be very risky and can cause a tear in the soft tissues that make up their joints. . . .One simple way to avoid this to fully stretch your elbows and bend the front side of your hand towards yourself and then repeat the exercise by bending your hands in the opposite direction.

If you want help for elbow pain from one of the nation’s top sports medicine specialists, call Dr. William Holland to learn more today.

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