The Best Pediatric Orthopedic Treatment in San Diego

Pediatric orthopedic treatment could mean the difference between an active life for your child, and suffering with injuries throughout his or her childhood.

Pediatric orthopedists tend to treat many of the same issues as their “adult-oriented” counterparts, with a couple of key differences. The first is that the patients are still growing, a fact which demands a powerful sensitivity to the exigencies of hormonal shifts and nutritional needs, not to mention the mechanics of a child’s evolving bones and muscles. The second difference is that the patients in question aren’t adults, and therefore do not always make decisions regarding exertion and rest with the same perspective that an older person might.

This interview offers a nice look at what we do as pediatric orthopedists in San Diego:

If you’d like to speak with an expert in orthopedic care for patients of all ages, the San Diego Orthopedic Surgery Center is a great place to start.

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