The Experience of Knee Surgery

Sports medicine is a discipline where numbers count: how long does a shoulder procedure take? How many years does a patient have left on that ailing knee? But numbers alone cannot account for the whole experience of surgery, which is why I field a lot of questions about what orthopedic surgery feels like – before, during, and after the procedure.

This article offers a quick look at some of the experiences you can expect following orthopedic knee surgery. It includes common issues such as swelling and pain, and throws in some numbers about how long you should expect to be laid up. But the real meat of the piece is its emphasis on recovery as an active process:

We will initially focus on regaining your range of motion (ROM) and then strengthening you through your available ROM. Especially after a total knee replacement, you will want to gain full extension. Do not stay in bed all day, and more importantly do not lay with a pillow under your knees!

Many people want to rest after surgery, and there’s no question that sleep is an essential component of recovery. But to truly regain function and reclaim an active life, you will also need to get up frequently and work at your healing process.

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