Treating Elbow Pain in San Diego

Treating elbow pain begins with a proper diagnosis.

Elbow pain can take many forms, and arise from a wide array of causes. Issues such as bursitis, sprain and arthritis may be difficult to distinguish from one another, and even harder to resolve. When you visit an experienced orthopedic specialist, you’ll receive a full workup, and your doctor will take a personal health history to provide definitive answers.

Treating elbow pain can be as simple as ice and rest, or as involved as a surgical procedure. The surest way to move toward a successful outcome is to discuss your options with your specialist, and to ask as many questions as you can about the pros, cons, and lasting effects of each choice. When it’s time to relieve that elbow pain for good, you should be in secure in the knowledge that you understand your options and have designed a realistic plan for recovery.

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