Treating Frozen Shoulder in San Diego

Frozen shoulder syndrome, also called adhesive capsulitis, is a profoundly painful condition in which the shoulder becomes progressively more immobilized over a period of weeks or months. The resulting near-paralysis is utterly incapacitating, rendering active people unable to lift, throw, or sometimes even hold a pen.

The typical treatments for frozen shoulder include steroids and physical therapy. Most orthopedists such as myself will start with therapy and graduate to steroids if necessary; in extreme cases orthopedic shoulder surgery may be indicated to help remove some of the scar tissue that has built up around the glenoid fossa.

The best way to resolve frozen shoulder is to speak with an expert sooner rather than later. Frozen shoulder can arise from different causes, and the only way to identify the culprit for sure is with imaging and a sound medical history. Once your treatment plan has been established, most cases of frozen shoulder have a good prognosis.

To get the best treatment for frozen shoulder in San Diego, contact orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Holland today.

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