Treatment Options for Chronic Shoulder Pain

When is it wise to treat shoulder pain medically, and when is it time for shoulder surgery? It’s a question that has no universal answers; typically patients and their orthopedic surgeons make this determination together based on the length of the discomfort and the severity of the pain.

As this recent piece from the Chicago Tribune says, surgery is a last option, but hardly an excessively aggressive one:

The choice of treatments vary with the cause and severity of the shoulder pain. Minor pain can be addressed by applying a cold pack to the shoulder over a period of time. More severe conditions may require immobilizing the shoulder with a sling, prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs or injections or working with a physical therapist. If there is a serious injury to the shoulder, surgery to repair the damage is often the best option.

My San Diego orthopedic practice cares for shoulder injuries of every kind, from impingements and frozen shoulder to disease and trauma. Your shoulder pain should never be chronic when you have smart options available to you.

Want to learn more about the best shoulder pain treatment in San Diego? Call my offices today.

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