Watch for Shoulder Pain in Young Athletes

In my San Diego orthopedic surgery practice, I see a lot of younger patients who come in with shoulder pain and elbow pain. Although a few of these cases are attributable to disease or injury, the majority are due to repetitive strain from pitching, throwing, weightlifting, or some other athletic-related activity.

When soreness grows progressively intense, permanent injury may not be far behind. That’s why I counsel parents and coaches to limit the number of reps and the frequency of hard workouts young people perform whenever possible. There is no substitute for rest and gentle exercise when recovering from chronic pain. As this article explains:

The shoulder joint can also be affected when developing a bursitis. There are other sports that contribute to the shoulder rotator cuff injuries, including swimming, tennis and weightlifting, all of which can cause a shoulder impingement or tendonitis.

Shoulder pain in young athletes can quickly graduate to chronic pain within a few years. To minimize long term damage and extend sports careers for decades to come, I urge you to see an orthopedic shoulder pain specialist in San Diego.

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