What Is Shoulder Bursitis?

The bursa in your body act almost like rollers or ball bearings: these fluid-filled sacs can shift and deform easily, thus reducing stress on bone surfaces which would otherwise create friction as they grind together.

The bursa in your shoulder do this on a daily basis, enabling the full range of motion you have come to expect. Lifting, throwing, and reaching all require an assist from your shoulder bursa; without them, even the most basic movements can become excruciatingly painful.

When those bursa become inflamed, it’s known as bursitis. (“-Itis” refers to any inflammation or irritation). This inflammation may arise as a result of disease, trauma, or injury. The key diagnostic feature is the pain it causes: shoulder bursitis can be debilitating, robbing us of the most elemental sort of mobility.

Most bursitis can be treated with rest, steroids, or with aspiration of the fluid itself. More extreme cases may require shoulder surgery, as performed by an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder and arm conditions such as this.

As a top San Diego orthopedic surgeon, I offer comprehensive treatment and recovery options for patients with shoulder bursitis, shoulder pain, and related conditions. Please reach out today to schedule your own appointment with the experts.

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