When Is Elbow Surgery Necessary?

Elbow pain treatment can include anything from OTC pain medications to arthroscopic elbow surgery. The goal in all treatments is to restore freedom of movement and your natural strength during everyday tasks, without the pain.

Treating elbow pain effectively requires a few steps. You’ll need a detailed evaluation from a local San Diego orthopedic surgeon who has significant experience in the area of sports medicine. This evaluation will include a physical exam, a medical history, a series of mobility tests and, if necessary, some imaging.

Common takeaway prescriptions may include physical therapy, corticosteroid or platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, and plenty of rest. You may also be scheduled for a surgery to correct any tissue that has become too damaged or obstructive to allow for safe and easy healing:

There are various procedures that may be recommended, depending on the cause of the elbow pain. Examples of surgical procedures that may be used include fracture repair, arthroscopy, and elbow replacement.

For the most complete local evaluation, get the standard in San Diego elbow surgery. Contact Dr. William Holland to set up an appointment today.

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