Yes, There is Such a Thing as ‘Growing Pains’

The term ‘growing pains’ is not just an expression. What many parents do not know is that this is an actual medical condition experienced by pediatric and adolescent patients.

Growing pains usually happens to children who are experiencing rapid growth. These pains happen in two phases: during early childhood for children between the ages of 3 to 5, and during pre-puberty for children between the ages of 8 to 12.

These growing pains are often experienced by children in their calves, thighs, and knees. They often happen during late afternoons and early evenings, and are typically localized. Most experts attribute them to muscular tiredness, especially if the child has exerted a lot of physical activities for the day.

How to Treat Growing Pains

Since this is a non-traumatic injury, treatment can be done at home by icing and gently massaging the affected area, as well as taking anti-inflammatory drugs and having plenty of rest. The achiness and pain will usually go away overnight.

To prevent this from happening again, I would suggest that you encourage your child to take part in various sports. This way, all the muscle groups in your kid’s body will be given a workout, instead of overstraining the same muscles day in and day out.

When to Seek Professional Treatment

Although ‘growing pains’ are quite common among children, they should not be completely disregarded. If your child’s ‘growing pains’ do not subside and continue to worsen, or if the muscles seem to be overly tender, consider making an appointment with a San Diego pediatric orthopedic doctor.

If these aches and pains remain untreated, they could worsen and lead to a more serious injury. Drop by my clinic to determine if what your kid has is just growing pains, or if it is something else entirely.

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