Making Sense of Shoulder Surgery in San Diego

Hot on the heels of my last post about knee surgery comes this one, which I hope will dispel some of the confusion about how shoulder surgery works, and when it’s necessary.

As before, I have singled out a great online reference for anyone who’s interested in further reading on this subject. One of the principal advantages of the NIH’s Medline website is that it offers a number of highly focused, granular pieces about every aspect of medical practice and orthopedic surgery. This passage in particular sums up the nature of arthroscopic shoulder surgery for instability:

• If you have a torn labrum, the surgeon will repair it. The labrum is the cartilage that lines the rim of the shoulder joint.
• Ligaments that attach to this area will also be repaired.
• The Bankart lesion is a tear on the labrum in the lower part of the shoulder joint.
• A SLAP lesion involves the labrum and the ligament on the top part of the shoulder joint.

My practice here in San Diego offers cutting edge surgery for shoulder pain, frozen shoulder and instability, We specialize in sports medicine for active adults and juveniles, helping each patient recover and regain the same mobility they once enjoyed.

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