Why Shoulder Pain Persists

Shoulder pain is caused by instability or impingement in the muscles and tendons of the shoulder, a system that is uniquely prone to injury. The shoulder is a significant load-bearing joint, and consequently it can suffer injuries from a number of root causes.

Tears, arthritic pain, fractures and bursitis all make the short list of common shoulder injuries, along with a wide range of possible tendonitis. Although each of these injuries works in a different way, the net result is unmistakable: reduced mobility and searing pain when the shoulder is in motion or even at rest.

Most shoulder injuries take weeks or months to fully heal, which is why the pain tends to last so long. But if you have shoulder pain and want to achieve lasting relief, rest and therapy are your best bets. If these measures fail to solve the problem, it may be time to speak with a San Diego orthopedic surgeon to learn more today.