Find Orthopedic Surgeons in San Diego

There are a few reliable ways to find orthopedic surgeons in San Diego. By far the most common is the referral: your primary care doctor, or another caregiver, recommends a San Diego orthopedic surgeon whose credentials and experience suit your needs.

But there are some other ways as well. The Web is an extraordinarily powerful research tool, and many of our patients at AOSM reach out because of what they have learned about us on the web. So how can you be sure you are using vetted information and not just marketing copy? Start with…


The quickest way to size up any orthopedic surgeon is to check his or her credentials. Look first for threshold qualifications such as a medical degree and residency, of course. Then you’ll want to check out where that physician completed a fellowship in orthopedic surgery/sports medicine, as well as any advanced training he or she has pursued. All these milestones can be signposts, indicating how much expertise a given surgeon truly has.


The best orthopedic surgeons tend to earn top billing in hospitals wherever they land. Look for surgeons who have earned department head or group chairman positions, especially at well-regarded institutions considered leaders in the field.


The field of orthopedic surgery is regulated by some important governing bodies. Seek out doctors who are members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, as well as the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, and look in particular for those doctors who have presented major papers and findings for both organizations.

The X Factor

So now you have done your due diligence and researched all the options: what’s next? This is where the persona of your doctor becomes important. Make a few calls to set up meetings, and ask plenty of questions. You may find that the best orthopedic surgeon on paper rubs you the wrong way in person; trust this feeling! It’s important to stick with doctors who make you feel comfortable and respected.

The Final Word

If you want to find the best orthopedic surgeons in San Diego, feel free to reach out and ask us questions today. I am proud to be widely regarded as one of the leaders in San Diego sports medicine, and I take pride in answering your questions right away. To learn more, contact Dr. William Holland’s practice here.