Understanding Knee Pain from the Inside

This recent video highlights a common complaint: knee pain that is so severe that simply climbing a single stair step can be agony:

The name of the enemy here is osteoarthritis, a disorder which can graduate from a dull ache to searing pain quite quickly without treatment. Some sufferers call the knee pain of osteoarthritis the most intense they can possibly imagine.

Prescribed treatments are plentiful, and may include exercise, therapy, corticosteroids or surgery. One thing to watch out for, as the video rightly attests, is engaging too vigorously in unhelpful activity:

Overdoing it during exercise can lead to overuse injuries, but low-impact exercise such as swimming, biking, or walking is not something you should stop doing when experiencing knee problems. “If you do have arthritis, some level of exercise and activity is actually going to be beneficial,” Moore said.

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