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Shoulder pain and shoulder surgery don’t always have to follow in lockstep. Shoulder pain can be caused by literally dozens of things. Only a few of them require that you go under the knife for a permanent fix.

Understanding shoulder pain requires an understanding of the mechanics of the shoulder. This joint is comprised of several moving parts working together. When the tendons become inflamed, or worn rough, or injured in a lasting way, then you will experience pain every time you try and use the joint.

If your pain is persistent or worsening, then it’s time to visit an orthopedic surgeon. Depending on the severity of your pain and the restrictions on your movement, he or she may recommend stretching, physical therapy, or steroids to ease the discomfort. When these measures fail, it is time to discuss shoulder surgery.

Take a look at my shoulder treatment page for a rundown of the different modalities employed here at the American Orthopedic Sports Medicine center. We offer detailed and comprehensive care for a wide variety of shoulder ailments, from bursitis to frozen shoulder and beyond.

The best treatment for shoulder pain begins with the right diagnosis. Contact my offices today to speak with a San Diego shoulder doctor immediately.

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