The Best San Diego Hand and Wrist Surgery

Have you suffered a repetitive stress injury or a traumatic injury to your hand or wrist, and want to speak with a surgeon about a lasting cure? The best San Diego hand and wrist surgery options can include a wide variety of procedures depending on your history and presentation.

Hand and wrist surgery is an exacting and demanding field which require many years of advanced training. Properly resolving wrist pain, for instance, typically requires a careful combination of therapy, medication and surgery. Chronic wrist pain can have several points of origin, and may include disorders such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, or injury. That’s why it’s essential to obtain a proper diagnosis and make a plan.

We are proud to offer the best San Diego hand and wrist surgery credentials in the area. Whether you want to remove Kienbock’s cysts or simply soothe the nerve pain of RSI, we always take the time to communicate your treatment options in full, including pros and cons for each.

To speak with an expert orthopedic surgeon about hand and wrist surgery in San Diego, please contact the experienced sports medicine professionals at the offices of Dr. William Holland today.