Shiny New Gadgets for Shiny New Neck Pain

Look, I get it. New things are fun. New phones and tablets are faster and flashier than ever these days, boasting CPU speeds that put desktops from ten years ago to shame. And the new capabilities these phones possess are impossible to resist, from sleek 60fps gaming to live video calling.

But just because our devices are getting thinner and lighter doesn’t mean they’re getting any easier on our bodies. On the contrary, the time and posture we use when engaging with our devices can exact a toll, even for something as small as a phone.

That’s because ergonomics isn’t about force per se; it’s about proper positioning, something no phone manufacturer ever bothers to design for. As a result, most of the people you see out and about spends hours every day staring downward into their phones, at an angle that can cause neck pain over the long term. One article described the problem succinctly:

The natural posture when using a smartphone or tablet is with the device situated at a level far below our eyes, which leads to leaning our heads downwards and extending our necks. Research has shown that by leaning our heads downwards at a 60-degree angle, the strain put on our neck is equivalent to the weight of a 7-year-old child. This can result in neck pain and stiffness, headaches and even migraine attacks.

The solution, as with all things in orthopedics, is rest. Take breaks; mix it up; look away sometimes. And if that strain is causing a chronic condition such as neck pain, shoulder pain, or elbow pain, then contact Dr. William Holland for expert orthopedic care in San Diego.

Is More Motion Better for Shoulder Injuries?

Orthopedic surgeons have long debated how much is too much when it comes to pitching in baseball. Although some voices have called for limiting pitches for younger players, some specialists insist that proper form and care can prevent injuries at any age.

Now new data has come to light in support of the “proper form” argument: researchers found that increased rotation in the shoulder during a pitching motion can actually help to prevent injury:

“What we found was … [that] external rotation was actually protective to the shoulder and we were surprised that we did not find association with the loss of internal rotation or the loss of cross-body motion,” Wilk said.

Tightening up and aiming for a more compact form may actually be stressing the ligaments of the shoulder, creating greater tension that leads to an increase in injuries.

Research such as this is unlikely to stop the debate, of course, but it’s an interesting that may open the door toward greater insight into form and technique among baseball players of every age nationwide.

If you have experienced shoulder pain from pitching or any other athletic activity, contact the expert orthopedic surgery staff at my office today.

The Best San Diego Hand and Wrist Surgery

Have you suffered a repetitive stress injury or a traumatic injury to your hand or wrist, and want to speak with a surgeon about a lasting cure? The best San Diego hand and wrist surgery options can include a wide variety of procedures depending on your history and presentation.

Hand and wrist surgery is an exacting and demanding field which require many years of advanced training. Properly resolving wrist pain, for instance, typically requires a careful combination of therapy, medication and surgery. Chronic wrist pain can have several points of origin, and may include disorders such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, or injury. That’s why it’s essential to obtain a proper diagnosis and make a plan.

We are proud to offer the best San Diego hand and wrist surgery credentials in the area. Whether you want to remove Kienbock’s cysts or simply soothe the nerve pain of RSI, we always take the time to communicate your treatment options in full, including pros and cons for each.

To speak with an expert orthopedic surgeon about hand and wrist surgery in San Diego, please contact the experienced sports medicine professionals at the offices of Dr. William Holland today.